Verb Definition
abrirto open
aburrirto bore; to tire, weary
aburrirseto get bored, become bored, be bored
admitirto admit, accept, allow, recognize
advertirto notice, observe, advise, warn
afligirto afflict, to grieve, to pain, to distress
añadirto add; to increase
aplaudirto applaud, cheer, clap
arrepentirseto repent, be repentant, regret
asistirto attend
batirto beat, hammer, pound [on]
bendecirto bless, foretell, forecast
combatirto combat, fight, oppose; to attack
compartirto share; to divide [up]
competirto compete
conducirto drive, conduct
conseguirto get, obtain
consentirto consent to; to allow, permit; to tolerate, put up with; to admit; to agree, consent
consistirto consist [of], be composed [of]
constituirto constitute
construirto build, construct
consumirto consume, eat, use upe
contribuirto contribute
convenirto agree; to suit, be suited to; to be good for
convertirto convert
corregirto correct
cubrirto cover
cumplirto fulfil, carry out; to reach [
decidirto decide, settle, resolve
decidirseto decide, make up one's mind
decirto say, tell
deprimirto depress, press down, flatten
derretirto melt, liquefy, thaw
describirto describe
descubrirto discover
despedirto say goodbye to, show out, dismiss
destruirto destroy
dirigirto direct
disminuirto diminish, decrease
distinguirto distinguish, discern, make out, recognize, single out
distribuirto distribute, hand out, send out, give out
divertirto amuse, entertain
divertirseto have fun, have a good time, enjoy oneself
dormirto sleep
dormirseto go to sleep, fall asleep
elegirto elect, choose
escribirto write
exhibirto exhibit, show, display
exigirto demand, require
extinguirto extinguish, put out
fingirto fake, feign, pretend
freírto fry
gruñirto grunt, growl
herirto injure, hurt, wound; to beat, strike
hervirto boil, entertain
huirto flee, run away
imprimirto print
incluirto include
inducirto induce
influirto influence
insistirto insist
introducirto introduce, insert
invadirto invade, overrun
invertirto invest
irto go
irseto go away, leave, depart
medirto measure, be
mentirto lie
morirto die
ocurrirto occur, happen
oírto hear
pedirto request, ask for
permitirto permit, allow
perseguirto pursue, chase, hunt down
predecirto predict, foretell, forecast
preferirto prefer
presentirto have a premonition of
producirto produce
prohibirto prohibit, forbid
proseguirto continue, proceed with
recibirto receive; to welcome, greet
reducirto reduce
regirto rule, govern, be in charge of, be at the head of
reírto laugh
reñirto quarrel, fight; to scold, tell off, reprimand
repetirto repeat
requerirto require, need; to request, ask; to send for, call for
sacudirto shake, beat, flap
salirto leave, go out
seguirto follow, continue
sentirto feel, regret
sentirseto feel
servirto serve
sobrevivirto survive, outlive, outlast
sonreírto smile
subirto go up, rise, move up, climb; to lift up, raise up
sufrirto suffer; to undergo, experience, put up with
sugerirto suggest
surgirto arise, emerge, spring up, come out, appear
sustituirto substitute, replace
teñirto dye, tint, tinge, color, stain
traducirto translate
unirto unite, join; to tie together; to merge
venirto come
vestirto dress
vestirseto get dressed, dress
vivirto live
zambullirseto dive, plunge
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