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Curse words exist in almost every language, and Spanish is no exception. In fact, curse words are many people’s introduction when it comes to learn Spanish. People use bad words in Spanish to express strong emotions, like anger, excitement, or frustration. Sometimes people use them as insults, to make a joke, or just as a habit.

Whether you like them or not, you will come across Spanish swears when interacting with people, as well as a lot of other Spanish vocabulary.

So, make sure to understand bad words in Spanish and when to use them (unless you want to offend the wrong person!).

Spanish Curse Words

Spanish Literal Translation Intended Meaning
Andate a la verga Go to a c*ck F*ck off, Go away
Boludo Person with large testicles (Argentinian Spanish) Stupid
Cabrón Male goat Bastard
Cagar To sh*t To ruin, to be screwed, to mess up
¡Coño! Female genitalia F*ck! , c*nt
Los cojones Balls Courage, nerve
Chingar F*ck (Mexican Spanish) To drink a lot/knockback, to get angry, a bad situation, to f*ck
Concha Female genitalia, shell Mother F*cker (Argentinian Spanish)
Culo Backside Ass, referring to that part of the body
Estupido Stupid Stupid
Gilipollas Silly, innocent, simple Dumbass, idiot
Hijo de puta Son of a b*tch Son of a b*tch
La hostia The host Holy f*ck
Lámpara Lamp (Colombian Spanish) Arrogant
Joder To F*ck To annoy, to waste time, to express annoyance
Maldito/a Cursed, damned Damn
Mierda Sh*t Miserable, stingy
¡Que te folle un pez! I hope you get f*cked by a fish Screw you, go away
¡Que te den! F*ck off F*ck off, go away
¡Que te den por culo! Go f*ck yourself! Go f*ck yourself, go away
¡La madre que te parió! Damn the mother who bore you! Son of a b*tch!
Las Pelotas Balls (Argentinian Spanish) Courage, nerve
Pinche F*cking (Mexican Spanish) Lousy
Pollas en vinagre Cocks in vinegar My ass
¡Puta madre! Bitch mother Goddammit!, Mother f*cker
Sapo Frog (Colombian Spanish) Snitch, gossip
Romper los huevos To break balls (Argentinian Spanish) To annoy
Tonto del culo Idiot of the ass Dumb ass
Vete al diablo/demonio Go to the devil/demon Go to hell

Examples of Common Curses and Insults in Spanish

Whether you use them or not, Spanish insults certainly add color to language! Even if they sound vulgar, you can use Spanish curses in a variety of ways. Keep reading to discover their versatility and a few use cases behind different Spanish swears.

1. Tienes cojones - You have “balls”

This Spanish curse word refers to testicles, but similar to English, it also has a figurative meaning. It translates to courage, nerve, or guts. When someone has cojones, they have the guts to do or say something. Like many Spanish swears, you can use the phrase in different ways in a sentence. For example:

  • ¿Qué cojones haces aquí? (What the f*ck are you doing here?)
  • ¡Hace un frío de cojones! (It’s f*cking freezing!)

2. Pollas en vinagre - Cocks in Vinegar (Pickled Dicks)

This Spanish swear word literally means “cocks in vinegar.” In English, it translates to “my ass.” People say pollas en vinagre when they want to write something off as having no value or to add emphasis. The expression may come from Murcia, Spain, where they had a tradition of pickling various foods. You can better understand the meaning through an example:

  • ¡Qué presidente ni que pollas en vinagre! (President, my ass!)

3. Chingar - F*ck

Bad words in Spanish vary from place to place. Chingar is originally from Mexican Spanish but has become popular throughout Latin America today. It has a lot of versatility and meanings. In some cases, it can mean a bad situation or place, such as:

  • ¡Vete a la chingada! (Go to hell!)
  • Esto está de la chingada. (This is not good.)
  • ¡Me lleva la chingada! (I’m screwed!)

4. Joder - F*ck

While Mexicans tend to use chingar, the rest of the Spanish-speaking world frequently use joder. Just like in English, the “F word” in Spanish has many colorful expressions. It can also mean kidding, screw off, to annoy, and much more! Take a look at a few examples:

  • ¡Me jodiste! (You screwed me!)
  • ¡No me jodas! ¿Eso te dijo? (You're kidding me! Is that what she told you?)
  • ¡Deja de joder, hombre! (Stop being a pain in the ass, man!)

5. Cagar - To Sh*t

This versatile curse word comes from Spain and has tons of variations to make it sound even more offensive. See below for a few examples of how to use it:

  • ¡Me cago en todo lo que se menea! (I shit on everything that moves. *This means to express your discontent towards a situation.)
  • Me cago en la leche. (I sh*t in the milk. *This means to express discontent for a situation.)
  • ¡Me cago en Dios! (I sh*t on God. *This also expresses disappointment about a situation.)

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