On this page, you can learn 60 Spanish vocabulary words. You can practice them online or print them out and take them with you. The words are in alphabetical order on the Spanish side.

Spanish English
África Africa
Antártica Antartica
arroyo stream
Asia Asia
Australia Australia
bahía bay
bosque forest
cabo cape
campo countryside
cañón canyon
cascada, catarata waterfall
colina, loma hill
continente continent
costa coast
desierto desert
dirección direction
ecuador equator
el mapa map
el planeta, mundo planet
estanque, charca pond
este East
Europa Europe
geografía geography
geografó geographer 
globo globe
golfo gulf
hemisferio hemisphere
hemisferio norte, etc. Northern Hemisphere
isla island
istmo isthmus
lago lake
latitud latitude
llano, llanura plain, plateau
longitud longitude
mar sea
meseta, altiplano, mesa plateau
montaña, monte mountain
monte mountain, wooded mountain
norte North
Norteamérica, América del Norte North America
océano ocean
oeste West
orilla, ribera river bank, shore
país country
pantano swamp
península peninsula
plano, llano plain
playa beach
prado, pradero meadow
puerto harbor, port
río river
selva jungle
sierra, cordillera mountain range
Sudamérica, América del Sur South America
sur South
tierra Earth
tierra land
universo universe
valle valley
volcán volcano

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