On this page, you can learn 32 Spanish vocabulary words. You can practice them online or print them out and take them with you. The words are in alphabetical order on the Spanish side.

Spanish English
alemán German
álgebra algebra
aritmética arithmetic
arte Art
asuntos, sujetas, asignaturas, disciplinas subjects
banda Band
biología biology
cálculo calculus
chino Chinese
ciencias Science
ciencias sociales Social Sciences
coro Chorus, Choir
economía doméstica Home Economics
educación física Physical Education
español Spanish
física physics
francés French
geografía Geography
geometría geometry
historia History
hora social social hour (high school version of recess)
informática, computadores Computer Science
inglés English
italiano Italian
latín Latin
lenguas, idiomas Languages
matemáticas mathematics
música Music
química chemistry
ruso Russian
taller mecánico Machine Shop
trigonometría trigonometry 

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