On this page, you can learn 25 Spanish vocabulary words. You can practice them online or print them out and take them with you. The words are in alphabetical order on the Spanish side.

You can also find the days in Spanish and months in Spanish on our site.

Spanish English
anteayer day before yesterday
ayer yesterday
de hoy en ocho this day next week
el año year
el día day
el mes month
el mes pasado last month
el siglo century
hace cinco días five days ago
hora hour
hoy today
la semana week
la semana próxima next week 1
la semana que viene next week 2
madrugada dawn, very early in the morning
mañana tomorrow
mañana morning
media noche midnight
medio dia noon
minuto minute
noche tonight
pasado mañana day after tomorrow
segundos seconds
semana pasada last week
tarde afternoon

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