Speak Spanish with Confidence in as Little as 12 Weeks - Guaranteed

…even if you’ve never spoken a word of Spanish…or if you’ve been trying to master the language for years!

Discover why 99% of language teaching systems are broken. And how you can become a confident Spanish speaker without:

Endless Vocab Drills
Rote-Learning Grammar
Studying Dry, Formal Spanish Texts
Or Memorizing More “Repite Conmigo” Stock Spanish Phrases
Live Lingua - As seen in
Lisa P.
I thought I’d never be able to speak Spanish

“I took years of Spanish classes in school, but I always lacked confidence to speak the language.

I thought I’d never be able to speak Spanish. But Live Lingua has given me a safe space to learn and practice.

I’m excited to see family and friends in Puerto Rico this summer - and to speak with them confidently in Spanish.”

Isabella D.
I actually enjoy learning the language

“My tutor from Live Lingua cleared up things I was always confused about before.

Now I feel like I can understand, speak, read and write in Spanish.

I’m a lot more confident speaking Spanish. Plus I actually enjoy learning the language!”

Roxanne L.
I look forward to every lesson no matter what kind of week I'm having

“Here’s what I find terrific about Live Lingua:

#1 I chose the kind of Spanish I wanted to learn.
#2 The instruction is tailored to my unique goals and interests.
#3 My instructor is a skilled teacher in Spanish.
#4 I look forward to every lesson no matter what kind of week I'm having. ”

If you’ve been wanting to speak Spanish with the same level of confidence as someone who’s been learning it for years - without…

…endless months of grueling study…
…struggling to find language classes to fit around your day job…
…messing with your family commitments…
…throwing your day-to-day life into disarray…
…or falling off the wagon before reaching your goals…
…then this message is for you!

My name is Ray Blakney. And until a few years ago I had a love/hate relationship with language-learning.

You see, as a youngster, my family lived a ‘nomadic’ lifestyle, meaning I moved countries like a man on the run! And so I was constantly surrounded by a chorus of different languages. But much to my frustration I was never able to speak any of those languages with confidence.

Why? Because - no matter where I took language classes - I was force-fed a diet of traditional, one-size-fits-all teaching. And I HATED it! I can still remember those lessons. All the…

…rote-learning verb conjugations…

…military-style vocab drills…

…and dry-as-a-bone reading comprehension exercises…

And guess what. Those dull as dishwater language classes practically killed my desire to speak a foreign language! Until life forced my hand and…

…I Had No Choice But to Start
Speaking Spanish!

Now, I may not have mastered speaking French…Spanish…Japanese…or any other language at school. But if there's one thing I learned from my international upbringing - it's that the ability to communicate with other humans in their native language is the key to:

  • Better cooperation at work
  • Closer family relationships
  • Building tighter communities
  • Not to mention the joy you experience from discovering new cultures!

Which is why - when I moved to Mexico for work - I was determined to become a confident Spanish speaker (even though I’d never successfully learned a language before).

At first, I tried to teach myself Spanish through audio courses and phrase books. But no matter what tools I tried - nothing seemed to stick. Or I’d get bored with the material - and quickly fall off the language wagon.

I Needed a Better Way to Become a Confident Spanish Speaker

Finally, after months of banging my head against a wall…and barely being able to string a Spanish sentence together - I met a native-speaking, private tutor who changed everything.

Because less than three months into our one-on-one tutoring sessions, I was finally able to confidently communicate with Spanish-speaking locals like never before. But that’s not the best part!

I couldn’t believe it, but I was actually having FUN while learning the language. Heck, I even looked forward to digging into Spanish grammar thanks to my new tutor. And that’s when I came to a game-changing realization about speaking Spanish.

It’s that ANYONE can become a confident Spanish speaker IF they’re immersed in the correct learning conditions. Think about it this way…

How much more likely are you to retain new information, stay on track with your studies, and achieve your Spanish-speaking goals - if you’re having a blast while learning?

The Problem With Most Language Learning Programs

But here’s the problem. Most language-learning programs are not built with positive learning conditions in mind. In fact, most tutors and programs will try to teach you Spanish via one-size-fits-all language theory and vocabulary lists.

Which means most tutors and teaching systems coach you to memorize vocab, grammar and set phrases (just like at school)…

…when they should be focusing on the essential conditions AROUND mastering Spanish like:


Customizing teaching material to match your unique learning style.

Scientists at the University of Northwestern discovered 3 key learning styles. These are visual, auditory and kinesthetic. And here’s why these learning styles are important.

Everyone has a unique “Learning Style DNA”, based on their preference for learning through images, sounds or hands-on doing.

It means the Spanish material that makes ME speak Spanish with confidence will probably NOT be the same material that gives you your best results.

And so, no matter what your goals, the secret to your success lies in your educator teaching you in a way that matches your unique Learning Style DNA.


Helping you apply your language skills to your real-world situation.

Let’s face it, barely anyone chooses to learn Spanish for the love of memorizing grammar rules.

In fact, 99% of adult language-learners are motivated to speak Spanish because of a specific lifestyle trigger like:

  • Getting a new job in a Spanish-speaking country
  • Moving abroad in retirement
  • Being promoted to manage a Spanish-speaking team
  • Welcoming new Spanish-speaking relatives into their family

It means every language-learner has a unique goal when it comes to confidently speaking Spanish. And as a result, no two people’s needs are ever the same.

Which is why language tutors and programs must help you to apply language theory to your real-world situation (instead of drilling you on generic, stock phrases).


Building conversational confidence through topics that get you excited to speak Spanish.

Want to know the biggest needle-mover that FINALLY let me become a confident Spanish Speaker?

It was having FUN while learning. (Instead of dreading each session with my tutor…and dragging myself through the journey to conversational confidence).

And I know I'm not the only one who struggles to stay on track when learning feels like a drag. Studies show when language lessons are fun students are more likely to stay motivated and engaged.

Plus happy language-learners experience more exhilarating a-ha moments, which boost their results - and keep them firmly on the study wagon.


Pairing you with the perfect fit teacher.

I can still remember my school French teacher. He and I were like chalk and cheese (and not in a good way).

For starters, I realize his preferred teaching style was the polar opposite to my learning style. Plus, our personalities were way out of alignment. And as you can imagine this student-teacher mismatch was a recipe for frustration, snail-paced progress and unmet goals!

Now the reality is, this kind of mismatch is neither the tutor nor the student’s fault. But that doesn’t stop clashing personalities and conflicting learning styles from sabotaging your success. Which is why partnering with the right tutor is as important as filling your mind with the right content.


Making classes slot seamlessly into your life.

If you’ve ever found yourself racing across town for a classroom-based Spanish lesson….

…or if you’ve ever struggled to fit organized group classes into your busy schedule - you’ll know how tough it is to stay consistent when lessons feel like another thing to add to your to-do list.

In fact, scheduling issues are one of the biggest complaints I hear from language-learners who’ve been forced to give up on speaking Spanish. And it makes sense.

I mean life gets busy. Which is why having a seamless “lesson-to-lifestyle fit” is one of the simplest ways to master spoken Spanish.

So the fact of the matter is this. Grammar drills and vocab lists will only get you so far when it comes to speaking Spanish.

And it’s only when you’re fully-immersed in the right learning conditions that all the tough-to-remember grammar and vocabulary will naturally fall into place (even if you don’t consider yourself to be a ‘natural’ linguist).

The REAL Reason Why I Failed to Speak Spanish


Like I just mentioned, after years feeling guilty for failing to master a foreign language, I finally discovered the REAL reason why becoming a confident Spanish speaker had escaped me for so long.

It wasn’t because I was incapable. It was simply because the learning conditions I’d been given were setting me up to fail!

Which is why I developed a system to help immerse other language-learners in the right conditions to gain Spanish-speaking confidence…without sweating it out to achieve your goals.

Erin G.
I can tell they spend quality time understanding how to help me improve

“I have 2 regular tutors - and I can tell they spend quality time understanding my strengths and weaknesses to help me improve.

At first, I was worried about low availability of class times.

But I could probably take 15 hours a week with no problems!

I highly recommend”

We always - without fail - come away from our classes saying we had fun!

“I’m not gonna lie - there are days when my wife and I don’t really feel like taking a class.

But we always - without fail - come away from our classes saying we had fun!

Our Columbian teacher constantly challenges us and finds fun ways to build our vocabulary and fluency - like singing songs. Our teacher calls this ‘concert time’!”

Karen B.
These lessons are invaluable for advancing speaking skills and confidence

“Since joining Live Lingua my conversations have gone from me lacking confidence in saying the simplest greetings…

…to discussing the kind of fascinating conversations you would hold with a friend:

Travel, movies, daily life, current events, geopolitics, energy policy and so on.

These lessons are invaluable for advancing your speaking skills and confidence.”

And It’s a System I Call the
Zero to Conversational Program

The Zero to Conversational Program is a 1-on-1, private tutoring program built around a personalized, holistic, and progress-oriented teaching system. It means we pay equal attention to the content inside the program. AND to the way our highly-skilled tutors DELIVER the program to you - so you stay engaged, motivated and excited throughout.

Here’s how we do it.

Step 1

You take a simple but thorough on-boarding assessment

BEFORE beginning the Zero to Conversational Program. The results of this assessment help us understand your goals, your personality, your learning style, and your interests.

Step 2

You’re then paired with a hand-picked private tutor who works with you one-on-one to achieve your Spanish-speaking goals.

Your highly-qualified tutor will be chosen specifically to match your personality and learning style. Students also receive access to a personal Live Lingua concierge, who is always on hand to answer questions and queries as you move through the program.

Step 3

Your expert tutor analyzes the results of your on-boarding assessment.

Then, they adapt their teaching materials to best match your unique learning style DNA.

Step 4

You begin your one-on-one Spanish tutoring program.

And, in the unlikely event that there’s a mis-match between you and your personal tutor - you can reach out to your concierge to find a better fit.

Step 5

Your private educator guides you through the program at a pace to suit you.

Plus, you’ll receive regular evaluations and feedback on your progress.

Step 6

In as little as 12 weeks, you become a confident Spanish speaker!

Students who follow this system are blown away by the power of making these shifts to their learning conditions. That’s because when you learn Spanish the right way, you…
Lion icon

Become a confident Spanish speaker in a matter of months

No matter if this is your first time discovering Spanish…or if Spanish classes have failed you many times in the past - when you follow the Zero to Conversational system, you’ll be speaking Spanish in no time!

Lion icon

Rapidly expand your Spanish vocabulary

(without endless vocab drills or tiresome rote-learning exercises). You need never be lost for words again…even in unfamiliar situations that would have left you tongue-tied in the past.

Lion icon

Remove the stress and anxiety of speaking the wrong words in front of native Spanish speakers

No matter if this is your first time discovering Spanish…or if Spanish classes have failed you many times in the past - when you follow the Zero to Conversational system, you’ll be speaking Spanish in no time!

Lion icon

Kiss goodbye to grammar phobia.

If the idea of studying Spanish grammar fills you with dread, don’t worry! The Zero to Conversational system makes mastering grammar as easy as 1…2…3. In fact, you probably won’t even feel like you’re studying.

Lion icon

Develop a Spanish accent you can be proud of

With gentle support from your private, native-speaking tutor, you can make “accent embarrassment” a thing of the past - and confidently speak Spanish without fear of judgment or being misunderstood.

Lion icon

Survive ‘awkward’ Spanish foot-in-mouth moments.

Do you know your ‘pollo’ (chicken) from your ‘poyo’ (a type of bench)? Listen, we all make mistakes when speaking a foreign language. The key is NOT to let these minor hiccups derail your progress. We’ll show you how to sidestep these mishaps with your head held high.

icon Lion

Build deeper relationships with Spanish speakers

thanks to your new understanding of their beloved local customs and secret linguistic quirks. (It’s these little things that matter. But they’re also the things most language students will never discover)

Maureen B.
You Are Going to Love Your Teacher!

“You are going to love your teacher(s).

You will make surprisingly fast progress.

And you will develop confidence to speak Spanish!

Organization of lessons is very easy. Just access your teacher’s calendar and select times that fit your schedule.

You’ll receive confirmation of your class and a reminder. It’s really simple!”

Wayne W.
My Teachers Are Wonderful!

“I’m 64 years old and it’s so nice to learn with Live Lingua.

My teachers are wonderful. And it’s so much better to take classes with a native speaker - than to take lessons in the US from someone who is NOT a native speaker.

I’ve learned so much!"

Rich T.
I Really Enjoy the Way She Teaches

“My teacher is an experienced teacher with years of experience. She organizes our time together based on my ability.

I really enjoy the way she teaches by combining textbooks, audio lessons, written stories and conversations.

Plus, I love that I can speak Spanish with a live teacher from my home or office!"

Join Zero to Conversational and Discover the
4 Pillars of Spanish-Speaking Confidence

Zero to Conversational is a 12-week, one-on-one tutoring program for busy professionals…parents…or expats - who want the confidence to speak Spanish for:

Living abroad
Building relationships in their community
Or any situation where you want to communicate in Spanish with ease!

This structured program gives you the skills and confidence to go from “can’t speak a word of Spanish” - to confidently holding conversations with native Spanish speakers.

Inside this program, your hand-picked, private tutor will guide you one-on-one through the 4 Pillars of Spanish-Speaking Confidence.

Pillar #1

Establishing Foundations

Becoming a confident Spanish speaker must always start with the fundamentals. And that’s why we built the Zero to Conversational System around the MCER framework. This is an internationally-recognized system that defines your level of language competency.

And by the end of this 12-week program you’ll achieve MCER Level A2 status, which means you’ll successfully be able to:

  • Understand day-to-day spoken Spanish
  • Recognize common Spanish words and phrases
  • Read and understand short Spanish texts including posters, short letters, directions, instructions and much more!
  • Successfully write cards, postcards, letters and descriptions in Spanish
  • Speak confidently with Spanish speakers

Not only that, you’ll also receive a Live Lingua certificate to celebrate and acknowledge your new Spanish speaking skills.

Pillar #2

Applying Language to Life

What’s the best way to cement your new language skills and put them to use? It’s by applying your newly-acquired vocabulary and grammar skills to real-life situations.

As I mentioned earlier, each Zero to Conversational student has a unique set of learning objectives. Which is why your private tutor will prepare you for the scenarios you’ll find yourself in, through relevant conversation practice.

It means you get to talk about the topics that matter most to you like:

  • Work-based situations
  • Family encounters
  • Travel
  • History
  • Politics
  • Sport

Simply tell us your goals and interests - and your private tutor will steer your conversation topics around the subjects you care about.

Pillar #3

Sounding Like a Native Speaker

“Accent Embarrassment” is real. And it never ceases to amaze me how many profoundly capable students shy away from Spanish conversations - because they worry their accent is off.

So first let me tell you this. 99% of native Spanish-speakers will be thrilled just to hear you speak their language (no matter what level you’re at). And secondly, mastering a Spanish accent is easier than you think.

All it takes is consistent exposure to the language through audio resources, listening to native Spanish speakers, and regular access to a safe space to speak.

Which is why the Zero to Conversational program provides much more than just language theory. And as part of the experience you’ll also receive everything you need to overcome Accent Embarrassment including:

  • Foundational pronunciation instruction
  • Our 4-part phonetics video course
  • Twice-weekly conversation classes
  • Curated audio learning recommendations
Pillar #4

Building Conversational Confidence

In my years working with Spanish language students I’ve seen two core levers that send conversational confidence levels soaring. These are:

#1 Safe, regular speaking opportunities - where you can practise new vocabulary and phrases, and role-play real-life situations with like-minded students.

#2 Seeing concrete proof of your progress through regular, stress-free assessments. Studies show that students who see themselves progressing through a structured curriculum are more likely to stay engaged in the experience. Plus, they’re significantly more likely to achieve their goals.

And that’s the reason why the Zero to Conversational Program includes:

  • Twice-weekly conversation classes
  • Progress reports
  • Regular student evaluations
  • And student advisor check-ins

By the end of this program, you’ll have everything you need to confidently speak Spanish at work, at home, or while traveling anywhere in the Spanish-speaking world.

Here’s What You Get Inside The Program

Over the course of 12 weeks, a hand-selected tutor will guide you one-on-one through 9 key language modules. You’ll cover these modules in depth, during 12 x online, private tutoring sessions.

These weekly one-on-one sessions will be built around essential vocabulary, grammar and topic-based subjects - all within a structured MCER curriculum.

You’ll also receive:


Priority class bookings

Once inside the program, you’ll receive access to our easy-to-use online booking portal. There, you’ll have priority access to book your weekly online, one-on-one teaching sessions at a time to suit you.


Regular homework assignments

To help you cement your learnings each week.


Cheatsheets and templates

Our custom-curated, fill-in-the-blanks worksheets make it fun for you to build language muscle-memory between your classes.


Lifetime access to recordings of all your one-on-one sessions

Review your sessions as often as you like, for as long as you like - to keep your language skills fresh and top-of-mind.


Regular progress evaluation and reports

At the end of each module you’ll get to see how far you’ve come, and how your progress stacks up against your end goals.


24/7 access to a personal Live Lingua concierge

Your Live Lingua concierge will be on hand to answer all your questions and time-tabling queries. Plus, you’ll receive regular concierge check-ins - so you can be confident you’re staying on track throughout the program.


Program completion certificate

On successful completion of the Zero to Conversational Program, you’ll receive a certificate acknowledging your new Spanish speaking skills.

But that’s not all!

You’ll Also Receive These FREE Bonuses!

Bonus #1

Phonetics Crash Course

The Phonetics Crash Course is a 4-part video course that gives you everything you need to develop a Spanish accent you can be proud of.

  • Understand the fundamentals of Spanish pronunciation - including vowels, diphthongs, double consonants and all the letters of the alphabet.
  • Practice and repeat each Spanish sound - so they become as easy and natural as your native language.
  • Discover the nuances of Mexican and Latin American Spanish sounds - so you can seamlessly adjust your accent to suit your location.
Bonus #2

Common Spanish Phrases by Country

Did you know the word in Spain for computer is ‘Ordenador’? While in Mexico the word is ‘computadora’. And did you also know that besides these differences in vocabulary, each Spanish-speaking country has its own set of common phrases and colloquialisms?

Which is why the Zero to Conversational Program also includes a guide packed full of common Spanish phrases divided and organized by country.

Join Zero-to-Conversational NOW
Being Able to Learn from a Native Speaker from Mexico is Amazing

“I was trying to learn Spanish from books but I knew I needed the discipline of regular classes. It’s why I appreciate Live Lingua.

Being able to learn from a native speaker from Mexico is amazing. I am learning grammar and vocabulary but also a lot about Mexican culture and history from the readings and conversations.

It has been a wonderful experience!

John Y.
My Teacher Keeps Me Motivated Even When I Think I Should Give Up

“My teacher is wonderful. She gives me just the right balance of grammar and conversation.

And she keeps me motivated even when I think I should give it all up.

She is encouraging and keeps our classes interesting. She definitely keeps me going!”

Live Lingua Makes Me Enjoy the Process of Learning Spanish

“I have learned SO much Spanish with my teacher.

I’m retired and Live Lingua makes me enjoy the process of learning.

My teacher is incredibly talented at providing explanations and lessons that match my level. He also knows when to give me a push to the next level.

I can’t say enough how wonderful the experience has and continues to be.

Will Zero to Conversational Work for You?

You’ll see many testimonials on this page from students who can now confidently speak Spanish thanks to our amazing tutors. In many cases they’ve gone from barely knowing a word of Spanish to confidently holding conversations with native Spanish speakers…

  • …at work
  • …with their families
  • …while traveling
  • …or while settling into a new life in a Spanish-speaking country.

And they’ve done this by immersing themselves in the right learning conditions, which let them absorb all the grammar and vocabulary they need…without it feeling like an uphill struggle.

But you might be wondering if this one-on-one tutoring program is right for you. Which is why I want you to know this. The Zero to Conversational program can make you a confident Spanish speaker in 12 weeks or less if…

What’s the Investment?

If you’re ready to join a Spanish conversation program that teaches Spanish the right way - the enrollment fee is just $1,077.

And for that you get:

Plus, these FREE bonuses:

All for just


Now listen, I know what it’s like to experience setbacks and frustrations when developing new language skills. I guess you could say it’s part and parcel of the journey. But here’s the thing.

You shouldn’t have to risk your hard-earned cash without some kind of guarantee that you’re going to leave this program with the Spanish-speaking confidence you deserve.

Which is why I’m giving you this cast-iron guarantee.

Get My Speak Spanish


Join the Zero to Conversational Program today - and gain Spanish-speaking confidence RISK-FREE!

Whether you want to speak Spanish for work…pleasure…or family reasons - we’re sure you’ll be speaking with confidence in 12 weeks or less.

So here’s what I want you to do:

Step 1 - Register for the Zero-to-Conversational Program

Step 2 - Show up for your one-on-one tutoring sessions, participate in the twice weekly conversation classes and complete your homework assignments

Step 3 - Then, at the end of the program, you’ll be invited to take the MCER Level A2 assessment.

In the unlikely event that you don’t receive your MCER Level A2 certificate at the end of the program, we’ll immediately arrange to keep working with you one-on-one - until you pass this assessment with flying colors.

In other words, we guarantee that you will confidently speak Spanish with the Zero to Conversational Program.

That’s our Speak Spanish Guarantee.

It means you risk nothing by giving us a try. And you stand to gain everything!

Finally Have the Confidence to Speak Spanish

Finally Have the Confidence to Speak Spanish

No matter if this is the first time you’ve thought about speaking Spanish…or if this is the 100th time you’ve planned to master this beautiful language - Zero to Conversational guarantees you’ll be speaking Spanish with confidence in as little as 12 weeks.

And remember, it doesn’t take a natural born linguist to speak a foreign language. I certainly don’t fall into that category!

All it takes is the right learning conditions, and ANYONE can thrive. Get these conditions right and the vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation, that may have eluded you in the past, will quickly fall into place - without it feeling like an uphill struggle.

In fact, I’ll put money on the fact that you’ll eagerly anticipate every one of your one-on-one sessions…your conversation classes…and even doing your homework. That’s how much fun you’ll have through the Zero to Conversational program.

So don’t keep your boss, your family or yourself waiting a minute longer to gain the Spanish-speaking skills you need. Join Zero to Conversational, risk-free today.

P.S. Prefer to speak to someone before joining Zero to Conversational? No problem! A member of my friendly concierge team is at your service to answer all your most pressing questions.

You can shoot an email to and a friendly concierge will get back to you. Or you can call my team directly on +1 (781) 519 9984. They’re waiting for your call.

L. Lyte
I Am Quickly Mastering the Language

“When I found Live Lingua I was looking for an immersive way to speak Spanish

Their instructors quickly assess your language level and provide a custom learning plan.

I can set my own schedule and find slots whenever I need them. Thanks to Live Lingua I am quickly mastering the language.”

Jim D.
The Experience is Relevant and Motivating

“My teacher caters my program to my interests and strengths, making the experience more relevant and motivating.

Of course we do study grammar. But I’m glad to say it’s just a small part of the class.

I have ample opportunities to discuss news articles and what I’ve been doing day-to-day.”

Zoe D.
My Teacher’s Care and Attention is 11/10

“My teacher is awesome!

He makes our classes interesting and fun. Every week he prepares amazing lessons - and there’s always something new to discover.

After one evaluation he said I needed to expand my vocabulary. He immediately shifted our classes to feature a huge range of topic areas to help me learn more words.

The care and attention he brings is 11/10”