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Ray, Laura and Frida - Staff
-Ray, Laura & Frida

Do you remember the days when you would walk into a store or office and people would greet you by name? These were the days before you were just a number and statistic. We remember those days as well, and here at Live Lingua we are on a mission to bring them back. At Live Lingua, we work to be your corner language school. We keep the number of students we have to a level we can keep track of so that every staff member knows about each student. Our goal is not to grow to millions of students -- it is to work with the most dedicated students to help them reach their goals.

Meet The Live Lingua Team

  • Ray Blakney - Profile Ray Blakney CEO/Tech Guy

    Ray is a born globe trotter and professional computer geek. He has lived and worked in Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and the U.S. He has a degree in Computer Engineering from Case Western Reserve University and his work experience had included work for Fortune 500 companies, Silicon Valley start-ups, governments and NGO's. He is responsible for all administrative, technology and marketing aspects of Live Lingua.

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  • Laura Ramirez Garcia Blakney - Profile Laura Blakney COO/Academic Head

    Laura loves to teach. It is her passion in life. She has over 20 years of experience as a teacher, school administrator and school owner (both physical and online). She has an undergraduate degree in Language Education and a Masters in Educational Technology from Monterrey Tech. She coordinates all teachers and overseas checks of all of our academic material before release to the online language school.

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  • Frida Blakney - Profile Frida Blakney Morale Officer/Mascot

    Frida is a key member of our team. She was found on the street sick at 3 months of age just a few blocks from the offices and was adopted by Live Lingua. After a difficult battle against the parvo virus (which she won) she took her place as a full time staff member at Live Lingua. Her duties include greeting all visitors to the office, cleaning any pieces of food that may have "accidently" fallen off of the staff's desks & making sure the couch in the office is kept warm.

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